Work Related Injuries Treated By Our Experienced Team

Our experienced team of physicians and physician assistants provide quality medical care for patient’s who haves sustained a wide array of injuries while at the work place. Our multiple locations throughout New Jersey offer a tremendous opportunity for a true integration between the injured worker, the case manager and our dedicated medical team. With this multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, our team has streamlined patient care so that our physicians become the true “quarterback” on the team and directly communicate with the case manager on a regular basis.

It is this approach that allows care to be more coordinated and less fragmented as found in most traditional Pain or Orthopedic centers. Patient’s are referred when appropriate for conservative care to physical therapists and also receive a wide array of pain management procedures at our facility. Appropriate referrals to specialists including Orthopedic Surgery are made when needed and again, our physicians are the hub of the referral and the patient never becomes lost in the process and endless paperwork. Let our group take the “work” out of a work injury and allow the case manager to function in an organized and productive manner to best suit the patient’s needs.

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